Arrive in wine country in style

Wine country and romance are synonymous to me. One implies the other in the most traditional ways. It’s the bucolic nature of the rolling hills and the brilliant sunsets, mixed with the luxurious flare for that which is singularly comfortable, luxurious, and excellent. In short, wine country is just one of those rare slices of heaven that promises to massage you into the most relaxed version of yourself. Californians are unimaginably lucky, and many of us take it for granted. Our stunning coastline is host of huge swaths of vineyards that yield complicated, world-class wines that lure sommeliers the world over. It is also among the most beautiful and breathtaking landscapes you will ever see anywhere on Earth.


Because wine country is the perfect marriage of ruggedness and style, the only way to arrive is with a similar sentiment. If only there was the perfect vehicle that embraced the sentiment of loving that dirt road turn off while at the same time embodied all that is luxurious and classy. If only that very same vehicle could give you everything you wanted AND offered a hybrid option to ensure minimal emissions and maximum savings on gas. I know that you know what’s coming next, but indulge me… There is a vehicle like that! It’s the Hybrid Nissan Pathfinder.


This modified SUV is an inspired and stunning version of everything that you’d need to navigate the densely crowded Southern California city streets and to take you sweetheart on a romantic getaway up to Napa or Sonoma. If you’re in the market for both a new vehicle and a romantic getaway, you absolutely must indulge a test drive of this technological masterpiece. Go online to either Puente Hills Nissan or and then start booking some hotel and restaurant reservations.

Once you arrive to wine country in style, the style and luxury just begins. When I refer to wine country, I’m really referring to a number of distinguished regions, all in California, that range as far south as Santa Barbara all the way to the Oregon border. Each of these beautiful places has a few things in common. Wine, or course, and wonderful food and all the amenities that come along with those. Spas, horseback riding, hiking… you name it. Any trip to any of these wine obsessed regions will undoubtedly be accompanied by gourmet food and leisurely strolls that will inject a whirlwind of sensory overload and romance that will leave you, your sweetheart, and your brand new hybrid Pathfinder longing for more road trips. My favorite wine country is Paso Robles. Nestled in between rolling hills and placid lakes, this nook in the middle of California is a quaint crossroads of culture and small town feel. Any trip here will ground you and reinvigorate you.


North American International Auto Show To Unvet All-New 2015 Fit


Honda has announced it is going to reveal the all-new 2015 Fit at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 13. The 2015 Fit improves upon the current model’s innovative packaging, flexible cargo capability and fun-to-drive character with spirited new styling. The Fit will offer enhanced fuel-performance and efficiency for its Earth Dreams Technology powertrain. Furthermore the 2015 Fit is equipped with the Honda-exclusive next-generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure, and is predicted to earn class-leading safety ratings. The Fit will probably be introduced by John Mendel, executive vice president of automobile sales for American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

2015 Honda Fit

The Honda Fit has been name a Car and Driver ’10-Best’ vehicle every model year since its introduction to the U.S. niche for 2007, as outlined by David Hobbs WI. In addition, it remains one of the best-selling Honda vehicles globally. The Fit is manufactured at ten locations around the world and sold in 123 countries. If you are interested in being familiar with the upcoming models you can sign up for updates right on the state Honda site – visit http: //

Here Comes The New Chris Harris


So, if you’re anything like me, and you love cars, but can’t afford not a single one those late night, vehicular wet dreams, you’d gladly trade your residence in for, then I’m sorry to say that this will be another one of those dreams you’re going to have to pant over. Today we’re going to join the masses, and swoon over the newest 2015 McLaren 650S.

McLaren’s popularity has become higher than normal with it’s sold out P1, and Gearheads.orgthe very popular 12C steadily flowing out of showroom floors, and yes it looks like another model was needed to form a trio of high speed, and power, since it stands. Go into the 2015 McLaren 650S.

The McLaren 650S funny since it sounds, is the midpoint between great, and freakin’ awesome. To put it in a perspective that a lot of our female readers can understand, the 650S is form of like what can come between Manolo Blahnik, and Jimmy Choo, or Lindt Chocolate Truffles, and Godiva Chocolate Truffles, or perhaps your own five fingers of pleasure, as well as a battery operated induced state of orgasmic bliss. You will get my picture?

With that said, the 650S is not really one of those concept cars which will remain nothing but a rolling shell, mainly because it travels from car show to car show. This car has now received plenty of notoriety through leaked photos, and videos of it being test around the world renown Nurburgring, and then for that alone, McLaren foresees a very welcoming arrival in the event it does actually hit showroom floors.

McLaren-MP4-12C_2013 Unlike it’s brethren, the 650S’ number plate actually refers to it’s horsepower amount, or range. Through tireless work, and toiling, as well as some borrowed parts from it’s siblings, the 650S makes a stout 641Hp, via it’s twin turbocharged, “British” built McLaren M838T V8 engine. You already know how proud the Brits are of this one. Then the “S”, that follows the 650 designation means, Sport. When you look at the car, and see it for what it is, do you really must explain to somebody that the “S” stands for sport, personally? Anyway, the body lines of the 650S are extremely comparable to that of the 12C, but through slight tweaking, and reshaping, McLaren designers claim that down force has been improved by at least 25% overall. Other than that, by checking out the McLaren 650S, you can hardly tell that it car has any real differences regarding it.For 2015 McLaren found a way to get this car diverse from any other Supercar, or Hypercar on the road today. They decided to make it more practical, and as funny as that sounds, it makes perfect sense. Should you look at other cars that have to perform at ultra high levels, they need to shed weight to carry out it, and in doing so, they have a tendency to lose McLaren-650S_2015some of the basic amenities. The 650S however, has been in a position to maintain it’s fast McLaren driving prowess, all the while allowing the driver to take pleasure from the creature comforts of the everyday norm. This car will actually come with Sat-Nav, Blue-tooth capabilities, Audio Streaming via Sirius Satellite Radio (In America), wireless tethering, voice controls, and something that ought to have come standard in the Veneno, a back up camera. Now that’s utilizing your head straight away! !! How many of these rear engine, mid engine cars are on the road, along with the driver can barely see what he’s doing when it comes down to backing into a parking space? Simplistic genius.

Well, as it stands now, the McLaren 650S is still on tour, and it is actually heading to the Geneva Motor Show, where it will no doubt be gawked at, fawned over, and asked if someone may be placed on the waiting list for starters. Hopefully, in my case, I want to see this car in the next expansion pack of Need For Speed Rivals. Until then, I will spend a little time looking at the picture than it, and then dreaming about how cool it would be to sit in one, and take on a number of laps at Willow Springs. Until the next one people, have fun & Today on Gearheads I wanted to take some other approach at what my subject matter could be. Instead of talking about a particular car, or truck, or throwing out some comments about how precisely some new car is going to be the following big thing, I wanted to complete something just a little different. Today we’re going to look at an individual, a man who has been in, and a part of the automotive world for quite sometime now. His name is Chris Harris.

For a man who has been banned from driving Ferraris, to finding his back inside ofLawrence German them, just so he can drift the tires off of them, it’s funny how he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. Well, what are you going to do? There are plenty of people in the world today who are moderately famous, and don’t have Wiki pages, with no, I’m not going to drop any names just to prove that point. Anyway, Chris Harris is the shooting star that has found his way onto internet television, aka YouTube, and has simply drifted his enthusiastic, yet prolific style into our hearts.

Being brief, Chris got his automotive start by working with a business called AutoCar, a European based magazine that covered what was hot in the world of automotive news, from a European perspective which is. His complete knowledge of cars, and how they work allowed him to write stunning articles, where he could let the average bloke know whether that Porsche 911 was actually worth buying, or not. Similar to myself, though with much more experience, and seat time under his belt. And speaking of seat time, Chris also was fortunate enough to be an inherit element of a racing team that took part in the 2010 24 Hours of the Nurburgring event which himself, and a few other drivers placed 13th in the overall standings. Which by any means is quite damn beneficial to driving an entirely stock Porsche around one of the more brutally demanding tracks worldwide. Chris’ way with cars, coupled with his semi arrogant British & knowledgeable accent began to infiltrate the minds of those people that not only enjoyed watching cars be put through their paces, but additionally didn’t mind having a laugh or two at his boyish antics, as we move forward. Here there exists a man who knows how to race, who is able to perfectly apex a turn for the best line, but somehow always is able to turn a car review in to a one man smoke show. Now, I myself have not seen Chris within an all out drift battle, so it’s reliable advice that he may not stand the opportunity up against the likes of Ken Gushi, or Vaughn Gitten Jr.. Chris’ method of driving could be compared to that from a Frenchman cursing to you in his native tongue. Sure you might be able to gather that he doesn’t like you, and is probably damning anyone to the darkest depths of Hell, but the elegance of what he’s doing is keeping him from being knocked out just long enough in order that you find some small strategy to appreciate his culture, just before you knock him out. You get what I’m saying? In other words, Chris’ drifts that are displayed in just about every one of his reviews are hardly ever brutal, or barbaric, they seem to have an aura of exquisiteness about them. His drifts are generally gentle, and guided with a hand covered in a silk glove. It’s true, although it sounds a little far fetched. Now with the gentility of his drifts, comes the intelligence of his words, and also the ultimate humor of his character. The Things I can say to elaborate on this is simply this, like lots of men, Chris enjoys cars, and enjoys driving fast, nevertheless the difference is, he’s being paid to show it. From the episode of Chris Harris on Cars, where he drove the Ferrari F40, and F50, his grin could be when compared with that of the Kool-Aid man on a summer day. Hell, I wanted to drive too, though i watched that episode twice, and not only did If only I was there to share that overwhelming amount of enthusiasm with him. To discover him bouncing around within the driver’s seat with his eyes open wider than the doors of Lindsay Lohan’s last rehab center, was awe inspiring. I can say this simply, I’m a jealous bastard. Plain, and simple.

To some certain degree, Chris Harris has always been able to make a part of his reviews. Whether they’ve been good reviews, or bad, his honesty shows through brilliantly every time. I always say, you can’t knock a man as being honest with regards to a car, since he will give it to you straight every single time. We have seen times where I would hate to hear him down play a car because his personal preference didn’t allow him to enjoy the vehicular spoils of the day, but all I really could do is appreciate what he said, and what he was doing. Between himself, Matt Farrah, and some of the other editors in the Motor Trend channel, obtaining a genuine sensation of what a car feels like with you not even being within one thousand miles of your car at hand, is something much more than amazing.

Together with the automotive industry standing where it is today, and more unknown auto Chris-Harris2makers popping up with cars that either don’t make a little bit of sense, or are actually pretty spot on with what their main purpose is, it’s a great to know that we all have a person to look to for, for a bit automotive sport. Yes, we have now Top Gear via the BBC, and Jeremy Clarkson is actually a funny old chap, who would be glad to pawn off his wife for an adulterous affair with a MP4-12C, but how much of that can we take nowadays? The Terrific Trio of BBC’s Top Gear is entering upon their 21st season now, and I often notice that they are a bit long inside the tooth. Once they were to get it done like Chris Harris will it, there could be a lot bigger following, even though their funny and all. Besides, what’s going to take place when either Clarkson? Alternatively, May breaks a hip during another jaunt to Africa or anything? That’s just my opinion, you don’t need to take it to seriously.

With all of that said, I need to wrap up this diverting, and under informative tribute about Chris Harris to a close. I’ve mentioned his drifting, his way with words, (sort of) and what he does for the automotive community. (sort of) So let me close with this, for males who doesn’t have a bunch of information about himself online, I like watching what he does with cars, every time he gets into one. Every time a guy, or man can hold my attention with some intelligent verbatim, in the mean time rounding corners like a thief in the night, I’m sold, even though only a few people impress me, and this goes formusicians and actors, and politicians. Chris Harris, you’re the man. Kudos bro. safe. Thanks for Reading.

The Basics of Cheaper Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Car insurance costs for young drivers can be nothing short of astronomical – I know that there are plenty of advantages to being young and just setting out on the journey of life so it’s only fair that they don’t get things all their own way – but seriously, aside from taking the bus what are the best ways to get affordable car insurance for a newly qualified, young driver?


The problem is that the statistics show that young drivers are more likely to be involved in road accidents therefore more likely to make a claim on their insurance policy – which is why the insurance companies like to make sure that they’ve got things covered. The only thing which insurance companies are interested in is making money – that’s an important thing to remember.

Okay, so how can you go about reducing the costs of car insurance for a young driver, just to lessen the pain a little?

Here are a few ideas:

Shop around – don’t accept the first quote that you see, shop around to get the best deal. There are plenty of comparison websites these days which make it remarkably easy and pain free.

Buy a car which is insurance friendly for the younger driver – it’s no good going into Fontana Ford and letting them have the pick of the shiniest sports models, check out the cheapest cars to insure for young drivers and stick to those for now.

There’ll be plenty of time to drive around in flash motors when the driver has got a few years experience and qualifies for cheaper motor insurance.
Modifications may look good but they can also add a hefty premium to all car insurance costs which makes them a big “no-no” for younger drivers with costly premiums to start with. That’s no alloy wheels, no body kits and certainly nothing to make the car go faster – except go faster stripes; I believe that they’re okay.

Some insurers will reduce the premiums for young drivers if they have passed extra driving qualifications so check out whether there are any available schemes in your area. Insurance companies are all for stacking the odds in their favor and the more experience and qualifications a young driver has the more the insurance company will like them.

Paying the whole amount annually and up front can help to save a considerable amount over the year although unfortunately this is not always an option. If you have the lump sum to pay the insurance premium in one go it can save all of those extra interest payments which can add up to quite a bit of money.


Check with your insurance company whether they offer discounts for added security. Just as modifications which make a motor more desirable to thieves will increase the motor insurance premiums it can also work in reverse. Adding security features like immobilizers and car alarms can sometimes make a difference in the amount you’ll pay for young driver insurance.

Keeping a car garaged can help to reduce car insurance costs. The theory is that the car is less likely to be stolen or damaged if it is safely tucked up in a cozy garage at night rather than parked on the side of the road.


There really are many different aspects to consider when choosing car insurance for any driver but particularly for newly qualified young drivers. Ask your insurance company if they offer discounts for any of the above ideas and take it from there, then check out, they’re bound to have the perfect solution.

Planning To Get A Gumpert Tornante? Read This


There comes a time when a vehicle manufacturer needs to make a statement in life with the cars that it produces, and such cars are then deemed worthy of the masses of automotive fans who will judge such a car upon it’s saintly arrival. But imagine if a company had a bit of a slow start, and was waiting for the right moment to initiate such a global event? Well, we’re around 2014, and it also looks like the makers of the insanely talented Gumpert Apollo are finally getting their wishes granted.

Way back in 2005 a German based automaker that goes by the name of Gumpert, made a Gumpert-Apollo_2008_800x600_killcar which had been destined to shock the world with it’s uncompromisingly sinister visual appearance, and it’s awesome show of power. This car was dubbed the Apollo. With it’s ultra low stance, it’s 90 degree 650 Hp, V8 motor, six speed sequential, dual clutch gearbox, and gull wing doors, the Gumpert Apollo was actually a force to get reckoned with. But unfortunately, sales of the famed Apollo fell well below expectations. Hell, they’ve only sold 60 of them so far! ! Designers couldn’t figure out why the Apollo wasn’t moving like they thought it might. Maybe it was actually the angry looking fascia, or the fact that it was built as a damn near full on race car, or just because the timing for it just wasn’t right. Either way, investors were pulling away from Gumpert, and the company was in a little bit of trouble, whenever it came right down to staying afloat.

Gumpert-Tornante_by_Touring_2011_front Flash forward to 2011, and Gumpert managed to pool some funds together, in order to get in the auto making game, plus they did so with a car called the Gumpert Tornante. Now, it seems like the design team over at Gumpert decided to scale this one back a bit, and make it a lot more practical in a few different areas. Mainly, within the looks, and design department, you will see how the Tornante not only looks street-able, but in addition has some borrowed hues as well. From the pics you can see how the front fascia is a melding of hues that talk about Maserati, and Ferrari. Something about the all Silver face makes me think of a Quattroporte, and a Ferrari FF. The back end in the Gumpert-Tornante_by_Touring_2011_rearGumpert Tornante, has some borrowed features too. I took a number of good looks, along with the back end of the Tornante calls in your thoughts the Noble M600, and then add to that, the curvature of the Bentley Continental GT, sprinkled with a the split window treatment of a 1963 Corvette C2. Well, if you have to borrow something, get it from a great source.

It will likely be debuting in the 2015 Geneva Auto Show for the first time, although now, as you’ve just read, this Gumpert Tornante isn’t a fresh car, it’s actually three years old. It appears like Gumpert has had their prayers for any more than willing investor as a solid part of their company, answered. No names on who that may be, and that is an incredible move. Ensure that is stays quiet. For what it’s worth, the Tornante will be a car that Gumpert will build in a sort of bespoke, upon request, sort of situation. “The Explosion” at this particular year’s Geneva Auto Show, and will putting a lot of those “investment funds” into that project, mainly because the automaker recently brought forth an automobile called. We’ll talk about that certain on another date.

Getting back to the Tornante, we do recognize that Gumpert will probably be using the Apollo’s Gumpert-Tornante_by_Touring_2011_coverchassis, and well rounded V8 engine as the benchmark, and from that point, it’ll solely be up to the individual that decides to decrease an unknown amount of coin, on a car that must be built AFTER it’s been paid for. If you went to Chip Foose, and asked him to create a car, but this one is going to be put together with a company that damn near went bankrupt two years ago, kind of like. Hmmm. Anyway, we at will look forward to next season in the hopes of seeing the Gumpert trio in action. Thank you for reading.

Clemson Students Opt To Drive BMW to ‘Deep Orange Plug-In Hybrid’


At the “Motorsports on Main” event, engines were roaring and cars were making all sorts of sounds, in efforts to stand from the crowd. Only one car did so without even trying – the Deep Orange.

This is actually the first concept car made by researchers in the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research, and it’s indeed a sight to behold.

The Deep Orange made no sound whatsoever, and that’s because it is powered by high-technology lithium-polymer batteries., unlike all V8’s and V10’s at the auto show

Giving Your Car Interior a Makeover without Breaking the Bank

Although the majority of people would drive around in a fabulous new car if their funds permitted many more people live in the real world and have to make do with budget motors. San Bernardino Nissan has some terrific motors all sparkling and clean but not everyone can afford or even want to swap their motors every year or two so have to make do with the same old set of tired wheels.
One advantage of buying a $2000 motor is that the price is pretty fixed and, unless you ram it into a brick wall or blow it up the value remains more or less the same. Here are a few cheap, effective ways that you can spruce up the interior of your motor without causing a hole in your bank balance.

Torn seats – there are a couple of options here. You can either splash enough cash to buy a set of car seat covers which are available in a wide variety of colors and designs to suit every personality. Another, much cheaper alternative is to spend around $10 (probably less) on a curved, strong upholstery needle with some super strong thread in a color to correspond with your seats. You can either sew up the tear if possible or add a contrasting patch to create your own design. It just takes a little time and patience and a very, very small amount of skill.


Door panels – can get very tired and saggy looking, the foam can deteriorate and spoil the interior of the whole car. Check out your local fabric store for something which matches the interior – it doesn’t have to be a perfect match just a similar hue. Corduroy makes a good, durable alternative to the regular fabrics used. All you have to do is to pull off the panels, scrape off any residual foam and glue your new material in position using 3M adhesive spray. Spray the glue onto the fabric and the door panel; let it dry a little then fix them together smoothing over with a credit card or similar.


Carpets – the carpets can get extremely grubby and grimy, particularly in the driving seat just below the pedals. Giving this area a good clean can make a big difference to your motor. Take a stiff nylon brush and some carpet cleaner to loosen the dirt, wipe off any excess liquid using an old rag and then use a steam cleaner or shop vac. You might have to go over it a few times in extreme cases.


Floor mats – remnants from carpet shops make ideal floor mats, all you have to do is to trim them to size and be sure that they don’t interfere with the pedals. Using a zip-tie to fix floor mats to the seat frame can prevent them from moving around and causing problems.

Center Consoles – can be a real eye-sore in the front of the car sprouting with old wires and toggle switches dangling loose, the remnants of an ancient acoustic equalizer or similar. All it takes is a piece of tough plastic for a switch panel secured across any unsightly holes using sheet metal screws. You may need to do a little scrubbing or painting to finish it off or alternatively glue in some drawer liner or similar.

It is possible to improve the interior of your car without splashing out on expensive re-fits or even affordable seat covers. Alternatively you could check out the motors at which probably won’t need any attention at all.

Mercedes-Benz Will Be Up On Its S500 Electric Hybrid

Mercedes-Benz first hinted at the launch of an S Class with plug-in hybrid capability as far back as 2009 in the event it unveiled the Vision S500 Plug-In Hybrid concept. The good thing was that it was destined for production, though here was a full-size luxury sedan capable of -60 mph runs within 6. seconds and gas mileage of 70 mpg or better.

Now we know if we will finally see the production Mercedes-Benz S Class plug-in hybrid: at September’s 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show.

This news was first reported by Car Sales, citing information revealed by Mercedes spokesman David McCarthy around Australia.


Past, Present, Future

This was on my own bucket list, the gentlemen told me beneath the shadow of a Thor intercontinental ballistic missile that towered above us like a fading obelisk to some hopefully bygone era known as the ‘Cold War.’

Subsequently renamed in 2001 the Strategic Air & Space Museum, never to be confused with the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum on the Mall in Washington, D.C, though his ‘bucket list’ item was the museum a hundred yards away once called the SAC Museum. This museum stands maybe a kilometer off Interstate 80 (Ext 429), halfway between Omaha and Lincoln. It houses an impressive assortment of hot and Cold War military aircraft, the centerpiece of which is the still amazingly advanced-looking SR-71 Blackbird.


SR71A Blackbird spy plane

Originally located on the grounds of Offutt Air Force Base – once the headquarters of the Strategic Air Command or SAC – in nearby Bellevue, the collection was moved to its present location in 1998. It was actually against this backdrop of ‘Out in the Blue’ military aviation history, that a half dozen of your estimated 40-50 Tesla electric car owners in your community brought their cars to ensure they available to the visiting public.

The variety of state-of-the-art EVs included five Model S sedans and two Roadsters. The owners are university professors, software engineers and business executives. Interestingly, in aggregate, the average age is probably early-to-mid-50s'; certainly not the affluent, young drivers portrayed by Experian Automotive’s recent survey .

It was in the shadow of that faded Thor missile that there also stood a set of electric bicycles: an aging, but still very serviceable Wavecrest TidalForce M750, my personal e-bike, and a brand spanking new Haibike Xduro Trekking, a loaner from Currie Technologies. They attracted nearly as much attention and interest as the Tesla cars. Of course, it probably helped that I was doing a share of sideshow barkering to obtain people to look them over.

The two e-bikes really represent as a great deal of technological leap over the last decade as the Model S does over, say, the EV1. My personal M750 was state-of-the-art in 2002. It uses a powerful 750W ( 1hp) rear hub motor and NiMH batteries that are mounted inside an identical front hub. The mountain bike frame was from Montegue. The bike weighs somewhere around 60 lbs. Seems lighter than that, even though Haibike will come in at 53 lbs. Maybe it’s just a visual thing. Those big black hubs on the M750 give it a bulky, heavier look compared to the Euro-styled Xduro.

The biggest difference though is in how each operates. The M750 uses a thumb throttle to make use of two quantities of power, while i explained to visitors who are interested in riding them: what I call cruise and what Wavecrest labeled Turbo. You need to do enjoy far more torque assistance, though you didn’t go any faster in Turbo. If you let and wished the hub motor do everything, though climbing a hill would be slow and tedious, you could stop pedaling. It will also consume a lot of battery energy.

In contrast, the Haibike ‘senses’ when you want extra help and applies it at four different levels: Eco – the smallest assistance Sport, Tour and level and Turbo. Each level offers successively more mechanical assistance. There is no throttle; you have to pedal to get assistance. This is a European e-bike requirement, but it also definitely makes the Xduro feel more like an ordinary bicycle.

Needless to say, everyone wished to know how much they cost. Wavecrest went out of business a good five-years ago or even more, but at that time the M750 cost somewhere in the $2200-2400US range of prices. I did a marketing barter cope with Wavecreat back then, so I had no actual out-of-pocket expense. The Haibike Xduro Trekking is a heart-stopping $4000US, but it also offers disc brakes, top-of-the-line components from Sram, Bosch and Shimano, which built the electrical drive system. Full equipment specs are available here.

The overall impression i got from your half-dozen or more people who I let ride the bikes, including several the Tesla owners, was they were surprised and impressed through the experience. Nearly everyone talked about how they might be interested in owning one to ride to work.

I am just four miles from my job, one gentlemen from Lincoln explained to me. I could possibly ride that on one of these, he mused.

In fact, the city of Lincoln, unlike Omaha, is situated on fairly flat terrain, making it ideal of biking. The trouble is because the state legislature never got around to debating and voting on my small electric bicycle bill (LB 756) this past session, an e-bike can still be considered ‘illegal’ from the state, though in the 12 year I’ve ridden my M750, I’ve never had any run-ins with the law. But, look at the entrance to your city or state-maintained bike path and you’ll see a sign that states ‘no motor vehicles allowed.’ In the absence of defining legislation, that definition can be extended to bikes like the M750 and the Xduro.

So where can we ride? asked one of the women that took the Trekking to get a spin and came back smiling.

You can still ride them on the street, I replied. But of course, we prefer to have people ride them on protected bike paths and trails, especially since most of the people interested in riding e-bikes will never be experienced cyclists.

The biggest impression I think the e-bikes made was their very existence. Almost no one that stopped by even knew such technology existed. Most had heard about Tesla, but, ofc course, few had actually seen one in person, much less seven of them in a single (and to tell the truth, I hadn’t either). But electric-assist bicycles? Who knew? was the common expression.

Now a few more people do know, some have even ridden them, a couple are even toying with the notion of looking into maybe buying one. On the Tesla side, we talked with one couple from Fremont – the Nebraska one, not the California one where Teslas are built – who seemed halfway serious about replacing their Lexus with one.

Personally, I came away encouraged from the reception of not only the cars, but the bikes. In accordance with Dr, they show the progress being made in electric vehicle technology at the opposite end of the mobility spectrum and when you consider that as many as 35 million of these types of EVs will be integrated 2014. Frank Jamerson in the Electric Bicycle Worldwide Report and his co-editor Ed Benjamin, then I think there’s a good chance a lot more of us will Ride the Current™ from the coming years.

Model S owner Jim Shulte

Tesla owner Jim Shulte helped organize the display of both up to five Model S and two Roadsters. Other owner photos on EVWorldwire Facebook page.

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